Pre- and Post-Op Care

Sometimes doctors prefer their patients to come to therapy before undergoing surgery, either in an attempt to prevent surgery or in a preparation for surgery to make the post-op phase smoother. We follow specific protocols for each surgery, adapting them to the patient’s needs and the doctor’s orders, working to condition those muscle groups, reduce pain, and improve motion to allow for improved movements and performance in life’s daily tasks.

Spine Care

Many people suffer with neck and back pain, often with pain that radiates into other areas, such as headaches, down the arms, buttocks and legs, sometimes with numbness, tingling, burning and other sensations, and in severe cases weakness. After extensive evaluations, we discuss specialized plans of care, to include spinal mobilizations, spinal and pelvic realignments, traction (aka decompression), stretching and strengthening exercises, postural corrections, dry needling, cupping, and massage/stretching by the therapist.

Rehab for Worker’s Comp / Work-related Injuries

As careful as we try to be, sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes on the job. Scott Physical Therapy offers timely, cost-effective Worker’s Comp services designed to not only treat on-the-job injuries, but also return injured workers to the job with minimal risk of re-injury. We make a point to communicate thoroughly with the doctor, employer or case manager to understand both the injury, complications, and the job requirements, with focus on return to work or a smooth transition to another role, with specific treatment based on the exact injury. We offer a multi-faceted approach rather than relying on one single approach.

General Joint and Muscular Injury Rehab

Shoulder pain, neck and back pain, sprained ankles, tendinitis, bursitis, and more…these unfortunately happen during any number of activities that we participate in daily, such as playing sports, lifting groceries, walking across a parking lot, sitting for hours at a desk moving a mouse, etc. Through specific hands on techniques, as well as specific guided exercises and movement patterns, as well as with modalities, our care offers multiple specialized approaches to getting your pain down, you movements restored, and a return to your daily activities.

Sports Physical Therapy

After a sports injury or corrective surgery, therapists at Scott Physical Therapy develop individualized recovery programs to address a host of orthopedic problems, including those affecting the shoulder, back, neck, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, or foot, returning the injured player, dancer, runner, competitor to their specific sport and position.

Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological Disorders

Through techniques focused on normalizing muscle tone and reducing associated pain, we help to restore and maintain the highest level of movement possible, allowing the person to improve their participation in life’s tasks and/or duties. We also coordinate with other providers to inform the patient and their family/caregivers of options available for equipment that would help the person function in a safer and more independent fashion.

Senior Care Physical Therapy

The Senior Care Program is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation and fitness program specifically designed to improve the functional independence of the elderly. The program is offered as a proactive, first-line of treatment, specifically when certain conditions such as edema, soreness, stiffness, balance problems, falls, and general weakness exist

Auto Accident Physical Therapy

Often, individuals experience little or no symptoms initially following a car accident, but then later suffer from a variety of symptoms including pain in the neck, back, down the arms or legs, with decreased function and mobility as a result. Often the trauma associated with these types of injuries takes days and sometimes weeks to manifest itself. That is why it is important to receive immediate and appropriate treatment following an auto accident. The longer you delay treatment the harder it may be to get back to normal.

Balance and Vestibular Rehab

Do you experience dizziness or vertigo when you move, lie down, sit still, or at other times? Have you been told that you have a “loose crystal” in your ear, or that you have “BPPV, vertigo, or other conditions of the sort? We are trained in evaluating and treating the causes of these very uncomfortable conditions, working closely with your M.D.’s, audiologists, optometrists, and other providers to pin point the cause and correct the problem, allowing you to return to a life without dizziness.

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Each year, more than 50% of individuals older than 18 years of age will experience a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months. Of those 108 million injuries, greater than 90% are curable through PT intervention.

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